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1947 - 1955 Absolutely Bitchin' Chevy Pick-Up Parts


1947 - 1955 Chevy Pick Up Trucks

 Absolutely Bitchin Sheet Metal Parts



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Firewall Kit
Firewall Kit Revised
Floorboard Kit Revised
Lower Inner Cowl Foot Well Patches
Floorboard Kits
Fender Apron – Inner Kit
Radiator Core Support
Super Saver Kit Firewall & F & R Floor Kit
Cowl Vent Fillers
Super Saver Apron Kit & Core Support
Battery Box - Group 42 - Steel
Battery Box - Group 71 - Steel
4, 5








1947-1954 Chevy Pick Up Truck First Series Only

The 1947-1955 Chevy (First Series) & the GMC Pick-Up & Panel Truck Firewall from Us Was Designed with No Sharp Bends or Corners. All the Set-Back Bends Are Rounded & Smooth. After a Lot of Design, Redesign Work & New Tooling, We Have Succeeded In Making it a Truly Fine 16 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel Firewall...One That You’ll Be Proud to Have In Your Truck. All of Our Firewalls Are Made In Our Chino Valley, AZ. Plant & Come with All the Necessary Components, Hardware Lists & a Complete Easy to Follow Instruction Booklet. This Firewall Has a Frontal Opening of 41” with a Set-Back of 3”...More Than Enough Room for You Small or Big Block Guys. If You Have Any Questions, Please Call Our Customer Service Line At (928) 420-6346

47-54 Chevy PU & Panel Truck Firewalls and New Floorboard

751000    $375 
47-54 Chevy & GMS PU’s Firewall
Note: These Firewalls Are Designed for the Most Popular Engine-Transmission Conversion Which is Chevy Engine & GMC Turbo Transmission.  Any Other Engine Installation (Ford, Mopar, Etc.) May Require Rework of the Bell Housing Area of the Firewall.
751000-R   $395 Firewall 
47-54 Chevy & GMS PU Firewall Revised.
751003-R   $325 Floorboard 
47-54 Chevy & GMS PU Floorboard
Made to fit the 751000-R 
This New Firewall Will Give You Room to Move the Brake Booster to the Firewall And All So Narrow Up the Firewall Set Back Which Will Give More Toe Board Room.
751098   $35 RH      751097   $35 LH

Lower Inner Cowl Foot Well Patches


1947-1955 Absolute Bitchin Chevy Pick Up Truck Sheet Metal Parts



47-54 Chevy PU Floorboard Kits

751002    $315
47-54 Chevy Front Floor
Designed to Fit Your Stock Firewall. The Floors Are 16 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel (Heavier Than Stock) & Has a 18 Gauge Tranny Tunnel That Will Clear the Typical Modern Automatic Transmission. Each Kit Comes with the Bracing & Floor Brackets Needed to Make Your Floor As Strong As or Better Than New. 
751003    $315
47-55 Chevy Front Floor Kit
Designed to Fit a 751000 FW. The Firewall. The Floors Are 16 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel (Heavier Than Stock) & Has a 18 Gauge Tranny Tunnel That Will Clear the Typical Modern Automatic Transmission. Each Kit Comes with the Bracing & Floor Brackets Needed to Make Your Floor As Strong As or Better Than New.


751004    $275
47-54 Chevy Rear Floor Kit
The Rear Floor Kit is Also Made Out of 16 Gauge Steel. This Kit, Installed with a Front Floor Kit Will Give You a Nice Flat Floor, Making it Possible to Install Any Type Seats You Desire.


47-54 Fender Apron Kits

751040    $415
Louvered Kit 


751411    $425
Louvered Kit


Our 1947-1954 Chevy (1st Series) Pick-Up & Panel Truck Inner Fender Aprons Will Really Cleaned Up the Engine Compartment. Each Apron Comes with a Row of Louvers to Allow Your Engine Heat to Escape Into the Wheel Tub. When You Install This Kit In Conjunction with Our Firewall & One of Our Posi-Align Core Supports, Your Engine Compartment, and Will Take on a Whole New Appearance. Remember Those Ugly Long Radiator Support Rods That Reach From Your Stock Firewall to Your Core Support? When You Install Your New Inner Fender Apron Kit Along with Our Core Support Kit, Those Stock Support Rods Are No Longer Required. This Inner Fender Apron Kit Comes with Complete Instructions Needed to Install it In Your Truck. This is a Bolt-In Kit with No Welding Required. Once Your Kit is Installed, You’ll Be Surprised At How Nice it Looks & How Professional the Installation Appears. This Kit Will Match Up Against Your Stock Firewall & Stock Radiator Core Support with a Small Amount of Trimming to the Back Edge. Apron Will Fit Chevy or GMC (Core Support Kit for Chevy Only)


1947-1955 Absolute Bitchin Chevy Pick Up Truck Sheet Metal Parts



Radiator Core Supports

751064   $420
47-53 Chevy Radiator Core Support


751065    $360
54 Chevy 1st Series Radiator Core Support


If You’re Like Most Street Rodders, You Want Your Ride to Be a Little Different, So We Have the 1947-1955 Chevy (1st Series) Pick-Up and Panel Truck Inner Fender Aprons. By Doing This, We Have Really Cleaned Up the Engine Compartment.
Radiator Core Support Radiator Core Support Fits Only the 47- 55 Chevy (1st Series) Pick-Ups & Panel Trucks.   It Will Not Fit GMC Trucks of the Same Years.  This Kit Was Designed As a Posi-Align Radiator Core Support That is a Direct Bolt-In Application.   It Mounts the Sheet Metal Out on Each Frame Rail & That Gives You Plenty of Up & Down & Side-to-Side Fender Adjustment.  The Posi-Align Core Support Also Allows You to Mount Your Radiator Approximately 2¼ Inches Lower Than Stock, Which In Turn, Lets You Use an Engine Mounted Fan.  This Kit Comes, As Do All of Our Kits, with a Complete Set of Instructions & List of Necessary Hardware Needed to Install it.   If You Mount Your Radiator In the Lower Position (for V-8 S) the Stock Front Lower Apron Will Cover About 2¼ Inches of the Bottom of Your Radiator.  That is Why You Must Use the #751036 Apron with This Kit, Because it is Flatter In the Rear, Which Keeps Your Radiator Core Open to the Direct Flow of Air.  If You Run Your Radiator Up, Use the Stock Lower Apron. 
Once Installed, You Will Have a Core Support That Not Only Allows You to Run an Engine Driven Fan, But Also Has Side-to-Side & Up & Down Adjustment for Positive Alignment of Your Trucks Front Sheet Metal. As for the Big Ugly Rods That Held the Stock Stuff Together, Forget Them, You No Longer Need That Support. The Core Support is Strong Enough to Hold Everything In Place Without Those Rods. When You Finish, You Will Have a Clean & Professional Builders Look Under Your Hood. When Used with Our Firewall & Inner Fender Aprons, Your Entire Engine Compartment Opens Up an Unlimited Window for Painting or Graphic Designs.


 Save $70 on 47-54 1st Chevy Saver Kit 751900  $895

Kit Includes:
         (1) 751000  $375 Firewall   &    (1) 751003 $315  Front Floorboard

(1) 751004  $275  Rear Floorboard
751000  $375
751003 $315
Front Floorboard
751004  $275 
Rear Floorboard 


1947-1955  Absolute Bitchin Chevy Pick Up Truck Sheet Metal Parts



Save $55 on 55 - 57 Chevy Pickup FW & FB Kit 752900  $760

Kit Includes:
         (1) 752100 Firewall    $465   &      (1) 752115   $350 Floorboard

752100    $465
752115   $350


Save $60 on 47-53 Chevy Pickup Kit  751901  $775

Kit Includes:
(1) 751064   $420 Core Support Kit       &      (1) 751040   $415 Apron Kit         


751064    $420
Core Support Kit

751040    $415
Apron Kit
Save $54 on 54 - 55 1st Series Chevy Pickup  Kit 751902  $721

Kit Includes:
         (1) 751065  $420 Core Support Kit       &      (1) 751411  $415 Apron Kit             

751065  $420
Core Support Kit  

751411  $415
Apron Kit

1947-1955  Absolute Bitchin Chevy Pick Up Truck Sheet Metal Parts



47-55 1st  Chevy Trucks Cowl Vent Filler 

 751023   $20 
47-53 Top

751024   $20
47-50 Side

751060   $20
54-55 Top
These Cowl Vent Fillers Are Made a Little Larger Than the Stock Vent Opening So They Can Be Trimmed for a Good Fit. Also, the Outer Edge Has a Slight Roll to Allow for a Better Flush Weld. So Fill That Hole and Swap Meet the Old Parts for a Few Bucks!

Battery Boxes

901006    $90
Steel Battery Box Group 71
901020    $90
Battery Box Group 42

Universal Wheel Well   (Deep Wheel Tub Universal)

Our Deep Wheel Tub Kits Will Help You Eliminate Tire Interference Often Encountered with Those Wide Pro-Street Tires, Off-Set Wheels, Independent Suspension or Normal Body Roll on Sedans. Our Wheel Tubs Come In Standard Width of 8”. Deeper Wheel Tubs Can Be Special Ordered for an Additional Cost of $35.00.

901010     $295

14” , 36 1/2” & 16”

If You Plan on Putting Wide Wheels & Tires on Your Car or Pro-Streeting it, We Have Just What You Need. Our Universal Deep Wheel Well Kit (No. 901010) Was Designed Just for That Purpose. These 18 Gauge Cold Rolled All Steel Wheel Tubs Are 36” From End to End & a Full 14” Deep. You Can Install These Beauties In As Deep As You Like for Your Particular Project. All of Our Deep Wheel Well Kits Have Mounting Angles.


1947-1955 Absolute Bitchin Chevy Pick Up Truck Sheet Metal Parts


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