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1953 - 1954 Absolutely Bitchin' Chevy Car Parts



1953 - 1954 Chevy Cars

 Absolutely Bitchin Sheet Metal Parts


Terry Valley, Prescott AZ


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go to this page  1953-1954 Chevy Car PDF

Technical Info for Firewalls
Floorboards Kits
Apron Kits
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We do not make trunk floors or core supports for 53 - 54 Chevy Cars.




53-54 Chevy Car Firewalls & Tech Information

The Set-Back Information Provided on This Page is for Your Information Only
These References Are to Help You Decide Which Firewall Kit Will Best Fit Your Particular Application.
There Are Many Factors Which Will Affect Your Choice of Kits. Engine Set-Back, Radiator Core Thickness, Air Conditioning or Superchargers. You Need to Determine The Length of The Engine Package You Intend to Install & Then Figure Out The Distance You Have From The Back of The Radiator Core to The Stock or Existing Firewall. By Doing This, You Will Know How Much Extra Room or Set-Back You Will Need. The Firewall Only Fits In One Place In The Body But Your Engine Can Be Moved Forward or Backward As Much As Needed to Obtain Proper Clearances. If You Have Any Questions, Please Call Our Customer Service Line At (928) 420-6346


753100    $415
53-54 Firewall Kit
 20” Approx. 26” Approx.

 753100 53-54 Chevy Firewall

20” and 26” Wide Approximately

Measure the Set-Back From the Face of the Firewall Back As Illustrated.

We do not make trunk floors or core supports for 49 - 53 Chevy Cars.

1953 - 1954 Front Floor Board Kits

This Kit Will Handle Small or Big Block Engines Easily

753105   $325
Front Floor
Matches Up to Our 753100 Firewall Kit (Goes Back to Front Edge of the Stock Seat Riser for Those Using Stock Seats) 
753110   $493
Front Floor 
53-54 Floorboard Kit (Goes Back to Front Rear Seat Riser). This Flat Floor Enables You to Use Different Types of Seats.


1953-1954 Absolutely Bitchin Chevy Car Sheet Metal Parts



Apron Kits

The  1953-54 Fender  Aprons  Are  Ugly,  Also They  Are Either Rusted  or  Drilled  Full  of  Holes.  If You’re Like Most Street Rodders, You Want Your Engine to Look Really Trick. We Manufacture a Really “Bitchin” Set of Front Fender Aprons. It Can Be Purchased Either Smooth or Louvered. Each Kit is made of 18 Gauge Steel and Comes with List of Hardware Needed, Instructions, New Stone Guards and Mounting Brackets.
753120    $349
53-54 Apron Kit Smooth
753115    $410
53-54 Louvered Fender Apron Kit
Save $56 on 53-54 Chevy Firewall, Front Floorboard Saver Kit 753800  $684
53-54 Chevrolet with Stock Seat Riser
Kit Includes:
(1) 753100  $415   &    (1) 753105  $325
Save $70 on 53-54 Chevy Firewall, Flat Floorboard Saver Kit 753801 $838
53-54 Chevrolet with Flat Floor
Kit Includes:
         (1) 753100  $415 Firewall     &    (1) 7753110  $493 Flat Floorboard


1953-1954 Absolutely Bitchin Chevy Car Sheet Metal Parts


To download a copy of the pdf for this section go to this page  1953-1954 Chevy Car PDF

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