Absolute Sheet Metal is Bitchin Products Manufacturing Division And We Are Open for Business Making The Same Great Sheet Metal Parts As Always.

Our Owner Is Jeff Hill & Our Foreman Is John Lang, (Familiar Huh?) You Will Find Our Prices Are Good and Our Products Are Absolutely Bitchin’. 

 **The name may be new to you but many of the products produced by Absolute Sheet Metal, LLC in Chino Valley, AZ have been around since the early 1980s with new items being added to the inventory frequently. Jeff Hill and his wife Sheryll are the proprietors of this growing company which opened its doors in January of 2012. They fabricate replacement sheet metal for Fords and Chevrolets from the 1920s to the 1950s. The business actually began in the early 80s in Southern California under the name Bitchin’ Products. The founder, Ron Wheeler eventually moved the business to Prescott, AZ and then retired a few years back. Jeff and Sheryll had moved to north central Arizona in 2004 and Jeff was doing fabrication and rust repair as he’d done in Utah. Through the course of business he would purchase products from Ron at BP. Jeff had dreams of doing sheet metal work on a grander scale one day and little did he know how Ron would cross his path years later. After Ron retired and had closed the doors to BP, he decided to sell all of the patterns, equipment, tools, dies, etc. Jeff heard about the sale and soon after the two came to an agreement with Jeff purchasing the entire lot. Jeff was then able to devise a business plan under the name Absolute Sheet Metal, LLC with Sheryll running the office. As fate would have it the Hills were able to hire John Lang who was the foreman at BP for over 17 years and knows all the ins and outs of the entire product line. They are still manufacturing the same parts which BP did for over 25 years utilizing the same patterns and dies and even some of the same equipment. They also have a line of Universal products which fit certain Mopars, Buicks and Oldsmobile’s with minor modifications. Of course they have also introduced many new products to the market and are constantly working on new ones like their 1932 Ford sub-rail parts and their soon to be released line of garnish moldings for 1932-1936 Fords. Absolute Sheet Metal also provides one-off and totally custom parts for any type of project.**

by Paul Martinez Rodding USA

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Bitchin Parts Manufacturing Division & Their Foreman
Are Making The Same Great Sheet Metal Parts As Always.  

Our Owner is Jeff Hill & Our Foreman is John Lang, (Familiar Huh?)
You Will Find Our Prices Are Good & Our Products
Are Absolutely Bitchin’.

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